Over the last few days, many have been called to reimagine policing. Over the last few months, many of us have been called on to reimagine our work and our lives. We’ve had a little bit of practice and examples to follow.

From Pfizer figuring out that if they test ideas in parallel instead of one at a time, they can dramatically shorten the time it takes to make a vaccine, to restaurants figuring out how to do drive-up or carry out, we have been reinventing processes to manage our changing environment.

What in your world needs re-imagining? Is it how you work or parent? Is it how you vacation or shop? What are you willing to think about doing totally differently?

For me, I’m rethinking how to deliver the conference I host each year.  We can get a bigger ballroom to socially distance, but with masks, the small group transformational conversations will need to change. Maybe online with good video and small groups might be better than distanced in a ballroom? Maybe instead of onsite artwork, I ship boxes of goodies? Maybe it’s not a weekend but a few evenings? Maybe it will be smaller groups offered more often.

What are you reinventing? How would you create it today if it was for the first time?

Let’s use some of our time on Monday to think about reinvention. I’ll be on zoom at noon eastern again. Want to join us? Just reply for the login info.



P.S. I thought some of you might be interested in this longer resource list for white allies and those interested in understanding more about how we got here.
And to better understand how implicit bias has shaped how you see the world, consider taking one or more tests from Project Implicit: Implicit Bias Tests.