If you are anything like me, when life gets crazy, you get moving. You solve problems. You start running, faster than before and it’s not like you were sitting still at the start.

If you think of the pandemic like a weather disaster, at the beginning it’s a mad dash to safety. It’s reactive. It’s the response phase of disaster management. It’s critical. This is about making sure you and those you care about are safe.

At the beginning of a crisis, the crazy pace of activity is exactly what’s called for to ensure everyone is as safe as possible. But as this becomes a temporary, but new normal, it’s not sustainable. You can start running in circles and it’s not healthy.

We are still working through this response phase but while we don’t know the time table, we will move into a recovery phase. Some of you are there now. At least for now.

We will need to and get to step back to survey the damage and what’s ok. And then begin healing and planning for the future. But this is a marathon and not a sprint. Before you dive in, stop.

Stop to go for a walk and literally smell roses, dance to music, go for a
run, meditate, paint, do a puzzle. Remember we are physically distancing, not socially distancing, and reach out and call or video chat with a friend. For parents with kids at home, it might be an extra-long shower for a little quiet. Whatever gives you a little joy.

Need a break at your desk? Check out this

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help thinking through how to support your team or your next steps.

In the meantime, be well and wash your hands an extra time.