From everything I can see, we are in for at least another six months of dealing with COVID-19. I can’t remember not traveling for this long or not seeing the little ones in my life, or not going to the beach somewhere.

At the beginning of this, I approached what I couldn’t do with waiting. But 10 months? I have one life. I am not spending it waiting. I need a different approach. There’s a bunch of things I “can’t” do. But what can I do?

As usual, I started with some questions.

What is it I love about what I am missing? For travel it’s seeing friends, trying new food and beach time are my top three. So, I’ve been making a better effort to talk to my friends around the country; getting fun cookbooks and going to the farmer’s market; and heading to the Potomac River to just stare at water when I can, sometimes while listening to waves on my phone. 

Not seeing my team? I wrote them all notes and created a deliberate fun segment to our team meeting agenda.

Not being on stage? Writing more, learning to like video better, and be better at using it,  to reach more people. And creating art. The art gives me the out of body experience and sense of risk of speaking.

What do you miss? What is it about it you miss? How can you re-create that? For yourself, or your team.

Take care of you, wear your mask, wash your hands and find time for a little fun,