It just does. I can remember being very upset the day I left for my honeymoon. It was a great day, planning for fun and celebrating the birth of my first niece Becky and the first of the next generation. 

And then my mother called.

Her bank accounts had been frozen which she discovered while at the gas station trying to fill an empty gas tank. She had no money and was stuck at a gas station 30 miles from me. In the midst of seeing the newborn and packing for a two-week trip, I also managed to take cash out of my account at three banks to get her enough cash for while we were gone and a check to her mortgage company before heading home and to the airport. 

I was so frustrated. Can’t anything good ever just happen? Can Becky’s birth or our honeymoon just be celebrated without the interruption of a crisis?

But the lesson is the reverse. The crisis was going to happen. It could have just been a terrible day. But instead, we also got to celebrate some good things. 

The bad stuff happens. It’s going to happen. But the good stuff happens too. It’s not good stuff being ruined by bad. It’s good stuff interrupting the normal. The big and small miracles that surprise and delight while we go about our lives.