It’s been a minute. Actually, more like a month. Summer is my busiest time of year. This year between family losses including my mom’s death and the usual busy, it was just a lot. And I lost track of September. In addition to whatever is happening, the pandemic is wearing. And disruptive. If you are anything like me, there is constant shuffling.

I end up short on time and on patience. When I am in that place, I don’t have the confidence I usually have. I am sure that I am letting people down and risking relationships. That sounds melodramatic but it is sometimes how it feels.

I saw this quote and giggled.

“Remove the like me sticker from your forehead and put it on the mirror where it belongs” – Susan Jeffers

It was a piece of advice I needed on that day, offered with a little humor. No matter how crazy things get, it starts here.

Have a great week.