In my last blog, I wrote about saying yes. Yes, to opportunity. Yes, to new ideas. Yes, as a default. But there is also one more “yes.”

To say yes to the things we want, the experiences, the relationships, the jobs, the vacations, the fabulous meal, and so on, we have to get comfortable saying no. Saying yes to saying no.

No, to the 4th and 5th priority. No, to some of the needs of others. No, to the things you really don’t want to do. No, to the things that interfere with priorities 1-3. No, to the things that don’t bring joy or success or progress toward your goals, or the balance you are seeking in your life. 

It takes a little practice for most of us. But I promise, for most of us, no one dies when we say no. Friendships recover. Relatives find help from someone else. And in the space the no creates, we get opportunities.

What can you say no to today so you can say yes?