No one has it all together. No one does it alone. Not a single person does.

Not you. Not me.

It is about resilience and a team. Resilience to solve problems quickly and move on and people you can count on when it goes awry.

Amongst the total mess of things that I’ve done already this year was dropping all of my keys down the elevator shaft, while my car was parked illegally with my phone and an purse locked inside, with all but the last of the things I needed to bring to an art event just 30 minutes before it was to start. So, so, so stupid.

But, first, it was clearly a first world problem – embarrassing, not deadly. Ok, took a breath. Got the building to let me into my apartment. To find the spare car keys. That took 10 min. Eek. I called two friends – one who has a spare key to my apartment for later and one to see if she could help me set up. Thanked folks, brought down the last bag of things and headed to the event.

My friends came through. The party was fun, and no one would have known about the keys if I hadn’t told them. The building got me a fob for the outside doors a couple of days later.

Two takeaways. First, I really do stop in a problem and ask if everyone is safe. If they are I can stop being anxious. Second, I have a great team around me in life.

How do you stop running in crisis? Who can you count on?

Have a great week,


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