What if we could sit down and talk? What would you share? What might I share?

This week I thought I’d share some of what I’m learning on the Monday zoom calls. What’s a challenge and what’s helping. And make a shameless plug – that you join us on Monday, all you have to do is reply to this email. And that you consider joining me and a few others in our community on Thursday for TedX Oronoco Bay Pitch night. You can also register to watch us on zoom here at 7pm eastern.

Our conversations have been varied as have been our solutions. Isolation, anxiety about finances and or the health of loved ones, making connections for new jobs and new ventures, and the challenge of parenting while working full-time are the big themes.

The solutions have also been amazing and varied. They include:  

  • Walking Often.
  • Dancing to music. Check out my Spotify quarantunes here and here 
  • Bird watching and bird feeding (watch out for squirrels)
  • Setting and maintaining clear boundaries like:Practice gratitude
    • Use humor and social memes to laugh
    • Take a screen break. Many breaks
    • Keep work, play and sleep places separate
    • Create and stick to a schedule. It can be a new one with mid-day naps, but the idea is to create a new routine
    • Establish clear work times and availability hours. AND teach others to work within those times.
    • Commit to your downtime
    • Let others take responsibility for themselves
    • Schedule email so you answer during those times but are not seeing each email as it hits
    • Manage expectations – establish response time expectations, create faqs for repetitive questions
  • Be of service to and check on others
  • Be clear about what is in your control and what isn’t
  • Manage conflict
  • Meditating or mindful breathingJonathon Faust Monday night meditation, and Tara Brach’s Wednesday night class
  • Binge watching – here’s some of what’s been recommended:
    • The Crown
    • Outlander
    • 90 Day Fiancé
    • Ozark
    • Bosch
    • Disney whatever
    • Little Fires Everywhere
    • The Last Dance

There are also a couple of things I have been finding really helpful:

Revelation Breathwork, a free breathwork class offered by one of my favorite coaches that is opening, activating with great tunes. I leave happy. I want to dance around. It’s fun.

On a more mellow note, sound healing and meditation is wonderful and powerful for getting still. My friend Jeneen Picurrio offers wonderful reasonable events you can find here

Stay well, stay safe, stay sane, stay in touch.


P.S. I get nothing beyond the pleasure in sharing from these endorsements and I hope you’ll try them out.