Okay, that was a shameless nod to Zoom. And to the fact that most of us are rarely dressing our best these days, at least below the waist. I know I’ve done meetings in a blazer and sweat pants.

And I’m not alone. Apparently, Will Reeves of ABC News did it this week.

Humor aside, we really do need to take a breath. Six (or 7 or 8) weeks ago we started our journey through COVID-19. We collectively made a mad dash to safety. And, from what we can see, we did that well, slowing down the virus and flattening the curve. But now what?

We are facing an unprecedented and hard to predict economic situation. Some things require immediate action. For organizations it might be applying for emergency funds; for individuals, it might be figuring out how to work while parenting or filing for unemployment.

But after the emergency stuff, take a breath. Moving forward is going to take tolerance for ambiguity, flexibility, and planning.

There is a lot we don’t and won’t know for a while and we need to get used to it. We need not plan the perfect plan, but a range of plans for differing scenarios. A short-term strategy. And a range of long-term strategies depending on how things might evolve from which you can choose or build as they do. To make decisions with imperfect information, you need to play with a range of actions so you can be flexible. Take the time to create options so as things evolve you are able to make well thought out decisions. That varied planning also gives you space to be prepared, patient, and flexible. To “keep your pants on” so to speak. 

If I can help you do that, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In the meantime, I wish you well. Stay safe, stay sane.


P. S. We’ll be on zoom again on Monday at noon Eastern to talk about what’s working, where we are getting stuck, and what we think might be next.  To join us, please reply to this email and I’ll send you the login info.